Be Not Afraid

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Love and hate get described as opposites. But what if fear actually stops love more often than hate? How can we overcome fear to make a move?

Audacious Love

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:I want to have an ordinary love story. I don’t want to exceed expectation. Average is the goal. When I die, I don’t want to have made any difference at all. Do those statements sound right to you? Are those goals for your life, what you are wanting to achieve? It’s ridiculous to even ask the question, isn’t it? Wishing is different than achieving; you can see the differences by the actions. So which are you choosing, ordinary or audacious?

Free To Fail

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:What could you do if you were free? Truly free from fears that hold you back? What will people think? What if I look dumb? Being terrified of failure holds you back and actually leads you into the ultimate way of failing. Jesus shows us how transformative the power of love can be, especially as it sets us free!

I'm With You

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Have you ever had to clean up a mess and people give advice how to clean it up better? How did you feel about that? To be honest it makes me mad because if you want to help, then jump in and make yourself useful! Which way do you think of God, advisor or helper? This week why not invite some people to join you as we discover how love doesn’t “help” from a distance, but works up close in our messes and successes.

Come Thou Fount

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:I used to play a game in our pool. I would float with my eyes shut and guess my location in the pool. I had a perfect record for guessing—every time was completely wrong! Drifting changes your position way more than you realize. It is way too easy to drift life. Are you at this time? “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love,” is the words of this hymn, and the story behind it. Don’t let it be your story as well.

Just As I Am

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Fear. Anxiety. Those are feelings people have when thinking about facing Jesus or going to church. Maybe it’s because of how they have been treated by Christians. But somewhere along the line, we’ve lost the truth of a label Jesus received in Matthew 11:19, “friend of sinners.” Why don’t we reclaim this truth, that Jesus welcomes me just as I am.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:When thinking on characteristics of relationships, faithfulness is often overlooked. That is, until it disappears... But God is faithful! Always. His faithfulness is unending (even though undeserved)! God leads us from a heart of love, wanting us to trust Him and thrive.

'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:All songs come from somewhere and have a story behind them. It is what gives deeper meaning to the truly great ones. In this series, we will see how the stories of hymns overlap with our lives, beginning with how sweet it is to trust in Jesus.

My Time or God's Time?

Justin McCauslin


Description:“Your way, right away” has been a slogan for a fast food joint for a long time. It’s also been our preferred approach to life. God has a different plan He’s working on. Justin McCauslin is going to share some of his life’s story with you, and how he has learned to trust God’s timing.

Talking to God?

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Prayer is talking to God... or is it?

It Just Got Real

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:After graduating college, my first job was about 10 hours away from home. My family helped me move, and then they left. It was that time when what was true became real to me, I was an adult on my own. Life is a string of moments like that. Another moment when our faith becomes real in everyday life is when we trust God with our finances. Processing towards maturity in our relationshp with God means trusting and obeying Him in every facet of our lives, including money (and the securites and fears we associate with it). Join us this Sunday as we move onward to another part of being in process...

WE Are Gifted & Loved

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description: In the movie Monsters University, there is a race that Mike and Sully try to win, even sabotaging each other along the way. The problem is, they don’t realize it’s a team race and they are on the same team. Both end up losing because they didn’t help their teammates cross the finish line. God has gifted you because He loves you, but He created your gifts to work together with other people’s gifts. God gifts US, because He loves US together. He gifts US so we can win the race together, as a team. Are you ready to take your place on the team?

You Are Gifted & Loved

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:It seems easy to see the gifts and abilities in others. Often easier than seeing our own. Which can lead us to get jealous or daydream about how wonderful life would be in their shoes. If only I had [insert desire here] like so-and-so, then I would be happy. But that’s just not true. It’s a lie that will cause you to overlook your own special blend of gift and talent gems. The truth is, sometimes, they just have to be unearthed…

Mission Begins at Home

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:If you grew up in church like I did, talking about missions meant the work people were doing in foreign lands. Missionaries left home to bravely serve and bring the message of Jesus to places in the world where it had never been heard before. This is a very incomplete understanding of what mission work is. The most important fact that we often overlook is this: missions begins at home.

Serving The Ungrateful

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Having a dog is great because every time you get home, your pup gets very excited. It is a pleasure to come home and be welcomed with such joy and excitement. Similarly, when we serve, we like it when people notice and are grateful for our time and energy. But they aren’t always, are they? In fact, they may complain or nitpick about it. So should we just give up serving and instead spend our time doing more enjoyable projects? God deals with complainers and ungrateful people, too, and shows us how to live and serve faithfully.

We Will Treat You Well

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Going to a new school, church or job can be nerve-wracking. You don't know the people or their expectations. What if you do something wrong? What are the unwritten rules? Did you know that if you have never been to church, it is a terrifying? What can you do to reassure people that we will treat them well?


Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Worship is a word Christians throw around quite a bit. But what does it mean? Is it a service on Sunday morning? Is it singing during the service? As we hear what worship is really about, we can better understand how to really worship

How Did That Get There?

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Have you ever planted corn and harvested wheat instead? If you have, sell your story and get rich quick because that never happens. In fact, it is impossible since the rule of the universe is “you reap what you sow.” Are you weary of bad things happening in your life? Does it seem like people are always negative? Your words are seeds that produce a harvest in your life, what kind of seeds are you planting in your life?

Winning Conflict

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Conflict happens regularly in our lives. How often do you get a win when conflict erupts? What really is a win? Is it getting your way? Is it saving the relationship? Jesus has a lot to say about how His followers should handle conflict and it is different than the usual ways we handle it.

In Process

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:The life, death and resurrection of Jesus is all real. Since it is true, how does that influence your everyday life? How has it changed your thinking about the world, relationships and the church? What are the right expectations we should have? Jesus says we are supposed to love each other, even though we are still in process and not a finished product.

Repurposing Defeat

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:No one likes defeat (except maybe the Cleveland Browns). Losing demoralizes and wears us out. That only “weak and useless people suffer defeat" is our fear when we face defeat. Jesus had a crushing defeat: death by public execution, followers scattering, crowds turning on Him and borrowing a tomb for burial. It seemed like everything He had worked for and accomplished was taken from Him, gone, pointless. Hopeless. But His defeat was actually strategic so that He could make the way to repurpose His defeat and then help us gain victory through defeat as well!

Repurposing Shame

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Repurposing is taking junk and changing its use. Pallets become tables and decorations. Busted old tools become lamps or drawer handles. God wants to do some repurposing in your life. He wants to take things like your guilt, your shame and your defeats so He can turn them into courageous trophies of victory. All it takes is a little faith to take the plunge

Living In Jr High

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Junior High is this awkward time where you are not a child anymore, but are not an adult either. There are so many things to experience for the first time. We were often overconfident in our ability to avoid troubles and temptations. Are you still living in Jr. High?

Gettin' Hitched

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:A wedding day is full of energy and excitement. It's the culmination of two lives merging from that moment on. Revelation ends with a wedding between Christ and His Church. Through this joining hurts are healed, tears wiped away forever and a new perfect life begins.

A Cast Of Characters

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:There has been much speculation through the ages concerning the identity of the beast. Who are the dragon, the beast from the sea, the beast from the land, the prostitute babylon and woman giving birth? What do they show us about our world we are living in now? How can you take your part in this gigantic struggle between God and evil?

The New Exodus

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Revelation has some frightening visions that are very confusing. How are they supposed to bring us hope when it seems like everything is going to be so horrific? There is a connection between Revelation and Exodus, in that God is bringing His children out of slavery and into a new home, an eternal Promised Land. God is good. God is powerful. Even when everything seems out of control God is bringing us home.

Who Can Stand

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:We have arrived! The Seven Seals are being opened, and they seem to be bringing calamity upon the world! It’s time to read about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, martyrs hidden under an altar and massive earthquakes. This is all attention-getting material, the stuff that makes people anxious about the future. So how do we makes sense of all this tragedy with a just God? How can this be a blessing to us? Join us for the next phase of the unveiling!

Unveiling in 3-D

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:3-D brings a whole new dimension to watching movies, even to the point of trying to dodge or duck objects from the film! (I’ve done that, have you?) The 3-D enhances the tangibility of people, places and objects in the movie—they are suddenly within reach in a new way. Similarly, chapters 4 & 5 in Revelation begin layering a deeper reality onto our world, now giving us a glimpse into God’s throne room. How will your perspective change as you enter into God’s throne room to see Jesus in a new way?

In The Flesh

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Do you struggle finding God’s will for your life? Is it tough to find the truth with so many opinions being thrown around? What is the big deal about church anyway? Can I really be an overcomer? How? Jesus sent personalized letters to 7 different churches in Revelation that deal with these questions and more. Come and see more of the unveiling found in the mysterious book, Revelation.

What It's All About

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:ear, excitement, disgust, fascination and frustration hit people when thinking about this enigmatic book. What does it say about the future? How do current events fit into its pages? Am I living in the End Times? What do all the bizarre creatures mean? The word apocalypse now means a "cataclysmic end of humanity", but it didn’t at the time of Revelation’s writing. Back then it meant "unveiling"—a different perspective to see the world we’re living in. But the unveiling of what?

Going Too Far

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:God enabled Gideon to win a major victory and free the Israelites from the Midianites. Now Gideon became in his own eyes (and the eyes of the people) the mighty hero God had already named him. Gideon honored God in his triumph. Yet even as he did, seeds were planted that would lead to wrong worship. Often, victory is the time we are most vulnerable to overconfidence and worshipping other gods.

Making Progress

Pastor Prent Liechty


Description:Gideon received a new title from God, “Mighty Hero” but still has to grow into it. You have God given titles as well. If you aren’t sure where to begin, follow in the footsteps of Gideon. He started small before tackling the big struggles. As God reveals, He calls you to take steps of trust, steps of obedience. Following God means we’re moving!

I See You

Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:Do you know how it feels to be seen? Not looked at or looked through, but truly seen? Judges 6 is the story of how God sees more in Gideon than Gideon sees in himself. Not only does God see, but God also speaks and reveals—and you can be sure that Gideon will not finish where he started because of God's seeing and leading!


Pastor Brent Liechty


Description:In Joshua 4 the Israelites are finally crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land! God commands Joshua to have one man from each tribe pick up a stone from the middle of the (now dry) riverbed and place them on the other side when they get there as a memorial. "What are these stones?" The question will be asked. What is so important about milestones?

God's Wisdom

Melissa Mankamyer


Description:God's wisdom, out of Proverbs 3.

Caught in the Tailwind of the Wild Goose

Bishop Todd Fetters


Description:The Apostle Paul was God’s handpicked instrument to carry the Gospel to the Gentiles - the non-Jews. Paul knew the strategic importance of Rome. As the world-seat of all Gentile nations, Paul knew that if he could get to Rome, he could upload the Gospel and it would go viral. It took Paul nearly 16 years to get from Antioch to Rome, a straight-line distance of 1400 miles. His three missionary journeys and final voyage (Acts 13-28) show that he was guided by more than human imagination and engineering. God’s Holy Spirit was at work blowing (John 3:8) the Apostle from place to place. To every face. Through every twist and turn. We will be challenged to trust God more.

Part 2

Pastor Byron Spear


Description:Transition can be scary. In part 2 of our Strong & Courageous series, we take a look at God's message to Joshua as he began his journey as the leader of Israel and discover some principles we can apply to our own lives.

Part 1

Pastor Byron Spear


Description:Times of transition can bring fear and uncertainty. In part 1 of Strong & Courageous, we will dig into Joshua 1:1-5 to discover some valuable lessons to help us transition well.

Risen Savior

Pastor Rocky Spear


Description:You know the Easter story. Jesus, crucified, dead and buried. On the third day, He rose again. But do you recall the benefits we receive from Jesus’ death and resurrection? They are incredible! Hint: Peace with God. Advocate. Apart from a risen Savior, there really is no hope for us. He is risen! He’s alive!

Crucified King

Pastor Rocky Spear


Description:What is your picture of Jesus? Who is He? I would suggest that some have an inaccurate view of Jesus… as did the citizenry of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Isaiah describes Jesus considerably different than the people of Jerusalem viewed Him. He was no celebrity. Jesus was the Son of God, the Messiah, who came to this world for a reason. He entered Jerusalem for a reason. And we should celebrate Him.

A Reminder of Authenticity

Pastor Rocky Spear


Description:Reminders. What are reminders? Something which jogs your memory about things you already know, but may have forgotten. As Paul concludes his letter to Titus, he begins with a reminder… a reminder to be authentic. His closing comments touch on some challenging topics. There’s a reminder of the sinful life. Instructions on how to deal with a divisive person in the church, and other important issues, like unity. Don’t miss the conclusion of Authentic Christianity.

Amazing Grace

Pastor Rocky Spear


Description:We’ve all heard the word “grace” most of our lives, if we’ve been a part of church. Do we know what it means? Is it really “amazing”? God’s grace is powerful and is available to all men. He is very generous with His grace. We will discover that God’s grace is a teacher which helps us say “no” to some things, and “yes” to others. His grace enables us to live authentic Christian lives.

Making Jesus Attractive

Pastor Rocky Spear


Description:Did you know that your life, as a Christian, can either make Jesus and His message attractive, or repulsive? Authentic Christians create a positive view of Jesus. As we continue in the Authentic Christianity series, we will discover that everyone of us who call ourselves Christians, have a huge obligation to live with authenticity. When we do so, those who don’t know Jesus will be attracted to Him.

Authentic Christian Leadership

Pastor Rocky Spear


Description:Is leadership important to an organization? to a State? to a Nation? Without good, strong leadership, progress is minimal. What kind of leadership should a church have? The spiritual well-being of the church depends largely on authentic Christian leadership. Paul instructs Titus on the matter of godly leaders. The truth is valid today for the church.

Belonging To God

Pastor Rocky Spear


Description:This series begins with background information on the letter to Titus and a look at Paul’s opening lines. He calls himself a servant and an apostle. Do these descriptors have anything to do with us? What does it mean for us today to be a servant and an apostle? The answer may be in the question, “Do you belong to God?”

Serving People

Pastor Rocky Spear


Description:Are you a servant? Should you be? As we wrap up our current series, our focus will be on Serving People. Servanthood requires us to humble ourselves. That’s not always easy. At times, it may seem more pleasant to be served, than to serve. But, a look at Scripture teaches us something different.

Loving People

Pastor Rocky Spear


Description:Loving People. The best and worst part about life is…people! Some people simply make your day and others make your day miserable. We love some and others…well, not so much. But what does the Bible say to believers about how we are to treat others? Jesus says, “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Love each other as I have loved you”. We will explore together 4 ways we can visibly demonstrate true love towards other people.